Aftercare - Aqualyx

Recovery instructions:
After treatment the area may redden and swelling and bruising may be experienced.

Aqualyx works by causing an inflammatory reaction in the fat cells which can result in swelling that lasts 3-5 days. This swelling can be obvious when having facial treatments (e.g. chin). During this time you may want to organise time off work/social engagements.

Swelling can be reduced with the use of a cool pack wrapped in a clean cloth and used for a maximum of 20 mins. 

Do not use any anti-inflammatory tablets for 48 hours.

Do not apply make-up or skincare to the treated area for 12 hours - then only use a clean brush or sponge for application until day five.

Avoid for:
• Three days - extreme temperatures, swimming pools / spas / saunas.
• 10 days - physical exercise.
• 14 days - laser, cryolipolysis or radiofrequency treatments.

Common side affects:
• Red, tight and itchy skin.

• Swelling.

The treated area may feel tender and firm for up to eight weeks after your treatment.

Adverse reaction awareness:
Pain and discharge is not normal. If you experience these please call the clinic immediately for advice.

Review procedure:

All side effects must have fully resolved before a further treatment can be performed.

Adverse reaction:

If you believe you are having an adverse reaction to your treatment, which is outside
of the listed common side effects, then please:

• During opening hours call us immediately.

• Out of hours visit your local hospital’s A&E and inform us by email.

If you are able – please document your concern with photographs and email them to us. If our staff tell you to attend the clinic for a physical assessment then you must do so and provision will be made to see you quickly.